Aubrey Haddard

Aubrey Haddard is a neo-soul, rock powerhouse from Boston. This summer, she released her debut album Blue Part. We were fortunate enough to spend a morning with Aubrey, Charley Ruddell (bass), and Joshua Strmic (drums) in Pine Street Studios. A session that left us with goose bumps. For more, visit

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Bison emerged from a college basement in the winter of 2014. In the five years since, the herd has made a name for themselves in the Burlington, VT music scene. Self-proclaimed as “disco punk”, Bison has taken their sound to everything from house parties to major clubs to an ambulance that operates as a mobile venue.

The three-piece consists of Charlie Hill (vocals/guitar), KC Dressing (bass), and Fabian Gaspero-Beckstrom (drums). In Burlington, you won't hear anyone talk about the band without simultaneously telling you about their favorite show. The way Bison performs, the crowd is automatically enthralled: there are head-bangers up front, a strong dancing section in the middle, and a flock of furrowed brows in the back. Charlie sways quickly, mostly unconcerned with his body, all energy pointed towards his guitar and vocals. The intensity he brings makes the emotional backbone of the songs hard to ignore. KC blasts bass lines through the crowd, making chests thump in unison. Fabian works furiously -- when he's at full speed, take a moment to look around the crowd, and you'll see people pointing to his sticks, and nodding to their friends for validation of their wonder.

Amidst their live shows, Bison has released two EP's, with a third and final to follow. The new project, entitled "Drive Fast, Love Hard" drops on June 1. As certain members of the band relocate to the West Coast, this will be their last release for the foreseeable future. As the group prepares to indefinitely end this chapter of their lives, we are celebrating their journey through the release of these studio sessions. We hope that somewhere down the line, this band comes back together to give us more of that disco punk we never knew we needed. 

To celebrate the band, we’re throwing a party at ArtsRiot with our friends Foam Brewers. Come hang, drink, dance, and cheer on the herd. RSVP HERE.

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Xenia Dunford


Xenia Dunford is a singer and songwriter out of Burlington, VT. Her first show, like many Burlington musicians, took place at The Radio Bean. Since then, she has been a continual presence on the Burlington music scene, sometimes filling residencies like her one at Hotel Vermont, then sometimes playing larger shows at venues like ArtsRiot and Foam Brewers.

Xenia is fresh off of the release of her most recent EP, titled "Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) Side A" The four-track project was co-produced by Xenia and Jer Coons at Future Fields in Burlington.  To accompany the release of the EP, Xenia wrote a beautiful blog post, which is a great preface to the project. We'd like to include that in it's entirety below: 

"Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within) Side A" is the first of a two part sonic series of original music relating to love, lust, loss, and the rarely transparent navigation of relationships we have with others as well as the one within ourselves. Side A is the culmination of a two year on again off again recording project with friend and producer Jer Coons (Caroline Rose, Madaila) at Future Fields studios in Burlington, VT. What began as a handful of vocal and piano ballads transformed into an uptempo, yet ethereal pop EP with the help of many talented musicians. Side A features Dan Ryan and Sean Preece on drums, Zack Dupont and Kelly Ravin on guitar, Eric Maier on organ, Forrest Pettengill on bass, Zac Clark on synths, and Jer Coons on acoustic guitar, percussion and bass as well as engineering the sessions and co-producing, mixing and mastering the tracks.

I had many varying ideas when considering the title/artwork/release for Side A, as well as the forthcoming Side B EP, before deciding on Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within). The two year period in which I was working on these two simultaneous recording projects was one marked by depression, self loathing and the destruction of people and ideas I held very dear yet were completely out of my control. I couldn't really handle any of it and chose to hide out from life, which more or less worked, until I had to go into the studio and was faced with all the repressed emotions I had buried. It was a time afflicted by ambivalence that left me feeling stripped of my identity and very raw. In the aftermath of it all I recognized that I would have to embrace in order to let go. It was this discovery, coupled with my raw state of being, that inspired the title Flesh and Bone (& Everything Within). "

Xenia will be performing this weekend at Waking Windows. You can find her Saturday, May 5th at Scout & Co. at 3:30PM.  Jesse Rosenfield (drums), Forrest Pettengill (bass), and Audrey Perog (background vocals) will be joining her.

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Clever Girls

Clever_Girls_Noise_Ordinance_2018-9886 copy.jpg

Looking through the shows that have taken place in Burlington for the past couple of months, it's hard to miss the name "Clever Girls". They've been opening for groups like Grouplove and Weakend Friends at Higher Ground, playing Monkey House and Sidebar, while also hitting mini-tours to New York and Massachusetts.

The four-piece is made up of Diane Jean (vocals/guitar), Winfield Holt (guitar), Tobias Sullivan (bass), and Robert Slater (drums).  The group calls their sound "Confused Rock". Always riding a border, their live shows are at some moments quiet and careful, and at others loud and gritty. As the songs wash over you, it seems the beauty of the band is that they're usually doing both at once. Their lead singer, Diane, writes lyrics that are disarmingly beautiful, laying just barely beneath strong bass lines and heavy guitar tones. In "Loom", one of the songs off of their new album Luck, Diane sings "I had to feel okay again", delivering the line repeatedly as the other instruments build to a crescendo. Moments like that hint at something stunning about their live show -- about the energy and strength that they're building on top of an emotional base. It seems Clever Girls is asking the crowd to sort-of grit their teeth, and just feel it all. The songs are hard to forget.  We can't wait for the album.

Find three songs from the session Clever Girls did with Noise Ordinance below.

Clever Girls releases their debut album Luck on April 4th.

Get to the launch party for that record: Noise Ordinance Presents Clever Girls Album Release at ArtsRiot



Gestalt made their debut in the fall of 2016 at Battery Street Jeans.  Since then, the three-piece has been spreading their facebook-bio-described "try hard indie rock" all over town. Meredith Davey (bass) and Kurt Henry (guitar) trade off vocals from song to song with Matthew Anderson on drums. Floating bass lines and math rock riffs sit relaxed under the group's lyrics. The music seeps through you. In a good way. They're in the process of mixing their debut full-length record at Pine Street Studios with engineer Charlie Hill right now, and we can't wait to hear it.

Gestalt hits Sidebar next week for a Noise Ordinance Presents show. Find them on March 1st, with Gnomedad and Plastique Mammals. Click for more info

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With each song Ivamae plays she wants to immerse the audience in an atmosphere while exploring concepts that center around relationships and self-confidence. She sings with an honesty that puts her in a vulnerable place, and tells the audience that it’s okay for them to be there too. 

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Back in September, Cole Davidson (lead guitar, vocals), Ray Belanger (percussion, vocals), and Zebulon Carney (bass, vocals) came together to create NavyTrain. Since moving in together, creating the band, and performing consistently, they have gained some serious attention in Burlington.

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