Aubrey Haddard

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On July 6, Aubrey Haddard, lead singer of the Boston-based funk group, "The New Review" released her debut solo album “Blue Part.” In her bio, Aubrey points out that the “blue part” is the hottest, most intense part of the flame. We're on board -- the new 10 track album definitely brings the heat.  Aubrey and the band are based out of Boston. Lucky for us, that means the group frequents Burlington venues. 

Ever since catching one of those shows at Light Club Lamp Shop, we've been hoping to bring the group in for a session. The three-piece you see in the videos below is led by Aubrey, with support from Charley Ruddell on bass and Joshua Strmic on drums. We're excited to present these clips and to help welcome "Blue Part" into the world.

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