Bison emerged from a college basement in the winter of 2014. In the five years since, the herd has made a name for themselves in the Burlington, VT music scene. Self-proclaimed as “disco punk”, Bison has taken their sound to everything from house parties to major clubs to an ambulance that operates as a mobile venue.

The three-piece consists of Charlie Hill (vocals/guitar), KC Dressing (bass), and Fabian Gaspero-Beckstrom (drums). In Burlington, you won't hear anyone talk about the band without simultaneously telling you about their favorite show. The way Bison performs, the crowd is automatically enthralled: there are head-bangers up front, a strong dancing section in the middle, and a flock of furrowed brows in the back. Charlie sways quickly, mostly unconcerned with his body, all energy pointed towards his guitar and vocals. The intensity he brings makes the emotional backbone of the songs hard to ignore. KC blasts bass lines through the crowd, making chests thump in unison. Fabian works furiously -- when he's at full speed, take a moment to look around the crowd, and you'll see people pointing to his sticks, and nodding to their friends for validation of their wonder.

Amidst their live shows, Bison has released two EP's, with a third and final to follow. The new project, entitled "Drive Fast, Love Hard" drops on June 1. As certain members of the band relocate to the West Coast, this will be their last release for the foreseeable future. As the group prepares to indefinitely end this chapter of their lives, we are celebrating their journey through the release of these studio sessions. We hope that somewhere down the line, this band comes back together to give us more of that disco punk we never knew we needed. 

To celebrate the band, we’re throwing a party at ArtsRiot with our friends Foam Brewers. Come hang, drink, dance, and cheer on the herd. RSVP HERE.

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