Clever Girls

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Looking through the shows that have taken place in Burlington for the past couple of months, it's hard to miss the name "Clever Girls". They've been opening for groups like Grouplove and Weakend Friends at Higher Ground, playing Monkey House and Sidebar, while also hitting mini-tours to New York and Massachusetts.

The four-piece is made up of Diane Jean (vocals/guitar), Winfield Holt (guitar), Tobias Sullivan (bass), and Robert Slater (drums).  The group calls their sound "Confused Rock". Always riding a border, their live shows are at some moments quiet and careful, and at others loud and gritty. As the songs wash over you, it seems the beauty of the band is that they're usually doing both at once. Their lead singer, Diane, writes lyrics that are disarmingly beautiful, laying just barely beneath strong bass lines and heavy guitar tones. In "Loom", one of the songs off of their new album Luck, Diane sings "I had to feel okay again", delivering the line repeatedly as the other instruments build to a crescendo. Moments like that hint at something stunning about their live show -- about the energy and strength that they're building on top of an emotional base. It seems Clever Girls is asking the crowd to sort-of grit their teeth, and just feel it all. The songs are hard to forget.  We can't wait for the album.

Find three songs from the session Clever Girls did with Noise Ordinance below.

Clever Girls releases their debut album Luck on April 4th.

Get to the launch party for that record: Noise Ordinance Presents Clever Girls Album Release at ArtsRiot