Fever Dolls

Fever Dolls Burlington Vermont Noise Ordinance

Meet Fever Dolls. You might recognize some of the members from a band named “Iron Eyes Cody” who put out their debut album in early 2016 to a considerable amount of buzz. After garnering millions of hits on Spotify, and playing a few small tours, they took some time to re-group. Two years after that first record,  their members are taking a pause, regrouping, and launching a brand new project: Fever Dolls. This band looks in a new direction -- it's bio, currently vague, reads as follows: "Fever Dolls is 'an idea to work up a big business, to handle big things, deal with big businesspeople, and build up a big organization, for you can’t handle big things unless you have an organization.'"

The release date for the record that they’re working on is unannounced, so saying too much more about them at this point in time feels like a disservice to the music. With that said -- check out a preview of what's to come via the three songs below.

Find Fever Dolls on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feverdolls/