ivamae played her first show about 2 years ago at the Light Club Lamp Shop in Burlington. She pulled together a small band, invited all of her friends, and filled the room. Walking off stage after the set, she didn’t feel confident at all. “I thought we absolutely bombed.” she says. Apparently the owner of Lamp Shop, Lee Anderson, had a different sentiment: he offered her a residency on the spot.

Since that night at Lamp Shop, ivamae has continued to build confidence in sharing her music. Behind the scenes, she sits with journals filled with doodles, poems, and chord progressions which will eventually become lyrics. These lyrics in tandem with her homemade, soul-filled, “Baby Making Mixtapes” from her WRUV radio show contribute to her distinctive sound.

With each song ivamae plays she wants to immerse the audience in an atmosphere while exploring concepts that center around relationships and self-confidence. She sings with an honesty that puts her in a vulnerable place, and tells the audience that it’s okay for them to be there too. 

In our bio video, we learned more about ivamae's creative process, where she goes to explore, and how she faces her fears as a musician. Stay tuned for that video, releasing on May 1.

ivamae and DJ mae will be at Waking Windows in Winooski, Vermont May 5-7.

To learn more about ivamae and to stay up to date, go to www.ivamae.com