J Bengoy

J Bengoy is a five man band from Burlington, Vermont. Earlier this winter, we collaborated with them to create a studio session and a band bio.

Justin Barton (vocals, keys), Charlie Hill (vocals, guitar), Ryan Jory (bass), Patrick Freeman (drums), and Greg Heelan (guitar) all came together after J Bengoy’s first album release in September 2016. Justin created J Bengoy and released “All the Songs I Never Wrote You.” Since this album release, the band has grown. The five of them add new sound, new lyrics, and a fresh take on alternative music in Burlington. They describe themselves as a "bummer-rock that makes you smile" and "heartfelt emo with a shit-eating grin on its face." 

J Bengoy has played at Upper Roost, ArtsRiot, SideBar, Radio Bean, and more around the Burlington area. This summer, we’re excited to see them be a part of Waking Windows, a music festival that takes over Winooski during the first weekend in May.

Check out their bio and live session below. 


To stay connected to J Bengoy, go to www.jbengoy.com